Bushes Primary School – February 2017

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Bushes Primary School – February 2017

As part of our exciting new community outreach programme, supported by Heritage Lottery Funding (‘Stories, Stones and Bones’), two of our volunteers recently paid a visit to Bushes Primary School in Paisley, to participate in their Design Day.
We took along a selection of embroidered ‘Paisley teardrop’ motifs, that have been collected as part of the Renfrewshire Tapestry project. The Renfrewshire Embroiderers’ Guild also brought along their amazing ‘Paisley’ inspired panels, consisting of hundreds of individually embroidered ‘Persian Pickles’.

The children have been working with an artist/ceramicist to design and produce some outdoor tiles, and the aim of the ‘Design Day’ was to allow the children to take inspiration from the displays of embroidered Paisley motifs, in order to contribute to communal, large scale, drawings that will be used in the final design of the ceramic panels for the school walls.



The children also had the opportunity to explore our colourful display of Thread Mill Museum artefacts, photographs and information. Through engagement with our resources, they were encouraged to:
• Learn a new skill – the children had a chance to try some stitching
• Find inspiration for their design activities – from the examples of completed ‘Paisley’ embroidered motifs
• Try some colour matching, and explore textures– using shade cards, bobbins, and skeins of thread and wool
• Develop problem solving skills – including needle threading, unpicking stitches, and using a wooden embroidery hoop
• Learn some more about the influence of the textile industry on their local heritage and history – through discussing information and photographs about the mill buildings and workers, and finding out about the Half-Timers School

Many children indicated that they would enjoy spending more time learning about, or improving their skills in, sewing and embroidery – and we hope that this event is the first of many collaborative projects between Paisley Thread Mill Museum and local Renfrewshire schools, groups and organisations, as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded A Family of Threads project.