Board of Trustees for Fisheries, Manufacturing & Improvements in Scotland

When investigating the rise of linen manufacturing in Scotland you cannot avoid looking at the minutes of the Board of Trustees for Fisheries, Manufacturing & Improvements in Scotland which was established in 1727.   The minutes contain lots of information pertaining for Christian Millar (Shaw) and her connection to Spinning Schools in Scotland, along with details about linen manufacturing in general.  We have visited the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh on numerous occasions during 2017 and have been transcribing entries connected to Paisley, Renfewshire and spinning schools .  We are gradually publishing our transcripts here.

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The Rev John Millar

One of the earliest mentions of Christian Shaw starting the thread industry in Renfrewshire appears in the Church of Scotland Fasti.   Chrsitian married John Millar on the 11th September 1719 at Bargarran.  His entry in the Fasti has been transcribed and can now be read in one of our research blogs here.