Oral History

“Working in the textile industry was never very highly paid but the Paisley mills were better than most other textile mills.”  Eleanor Clark

“As far as I remember nobody left the mills because they didn’t like it. They only left because they were getting married, having children or moving away. It was a good place to work.”   Edna Haran

“It was like having a big family, which was important if you didn’t have family. People would look out for you, give you advice and help you.” Janita Cosgrove

“I have a lot of happy memories of working in the mills and I cannot think of anything I didn’t like apart from getting up and walking to work in the winter for the early shifts.” Jean McCorkindale

“There were lots of stories of great kindness between the women and someone would always be willing to help you.” Jemima Palmer

Memories of working in the Paisley thread mills were vital to the success of this year long project.  We spoke to many former employees of Coats in Paisley.  The table below links to the oral history archive for some of our interviewees.

Eleanor ClarkEdna Haran