Paisley made thread &

Thread made Paisley!

What more can you say? Well a lot more can be said.   We know a lot about the world dominating thread manufactures of Paisley – J & P Coats and Clark & Co. who eventually joined as one firm in the 1890’s – but  what happened in the preceding 200 years that allowed Paisley’s Cotton Thread manufacturing to dominate the world?

Our research team intends to go back to the beginning and look at thread manufacturing from earliest times through to the rise of linen thread manufacturing in Paisley and how one Renfrewshire resident transformed the thread making industry in a little under 20 years.   The study will then look at the Paisley and Renfrewshire linen thread manufactures, the silk thread industry and how the Napoleonic Wars  were to change thread manufacturing in Renfrewshire.

It must be remembered that when we talk about the Paisley Thread Industry, we are not talking about weaving or the Paisley Pattern – that was a completely different industry.  If you want to know more about the weaving industry check out the Old Paisley Society and the Sma’ Shot Cottages.